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For Him

Shopping Men's Toys

Although seemingly taboo in today’s society—with many able to talk about vibrators and dildos with near nonchalance while implications to a man pleasuring himself with something other than his hand are shied away from—the truth is, DIY vaginas have most likely been around as long as male masturbation, and it’s time we start talking about male sex toys with the excitement and appreciation they deserve.

As early as 1904, a man known only as ‘Dr. P’ was making inflatable dolls for gentlemen’s pleasure, with sex dolls being mass produced four years later, including multiple orifices. Despite the simplicity of inflatable dolls even today, this was the first time artificial vaginas were commercially produced. Frighteningly, manufacturers at the time offered the option of a custom doll resembling any ‘live or dead person’.

Despite the popularity of inflatable dolls, it wasn’t until 1960 that men could actually buy them or porn legally, due to the 1960 Supreme Court ruling that made sex shops legal in the US.

Then came the Internet and the widespread availability of men’s sex toys, with searches like ‘sex store near me’,‘how to make a homemade pocket pussy’ and even ‘hollow strap-on’ rendering surprising results that have only increased in number and type as the Internet has grown in popularity.

It may have its downfalls, but the world wide web made it possible for men to buy sex toys without dying from embarrassment. While buying them is nothing to be ashamed of, here are the main things to consider making the process a little less intimidating and help you make an informed choice when choosing the toys that best meet your stimulation needs.

  1. Sexual enhancement with a partner: Many of our toys are designed with both partners in mind, including couples vibrators, cock rings and penis enhancers, among others.
  2. Masturbation enhancement: If you simply want to enhance your solo play, choose from our selection of masturbators, including strokers that can simulate vaginal, anal or oral penetration.
  3. Anal stimulation: For masturbation or extra stimulation with a partner, you’ll find the anal toys you need from our collection of anal and couples vibrators, prostate stimulators, butt plugs, probes and anal beads.

Types of Men’s Sex Toys

Whether you want to increase stamina with your partner or enhance masturbation, our collection of men’s sex toys is sure to provide the perfect stimulation for your needs.

  1. Strokers: Tunnel-shaped and skin-textured, strokers are automated masturbators that slide over your erection and provide stimulations of sex, offering hands-free masturbation. Choose from vaginal, blowjob and anal simulation, as well as various materials and textures to take self-love to a whole new level.
  2. Penis Pumps: These sex gadgets help you achieve the size both you and your partner desire. With each squeeze of the pump, you’ll swell with the power to perform.
  3. Cock Rings: Available in various sizes and materials, cock rings fit snugly at the base of your erection to enhance sexual sensation for both you and your partner. Choose from beaded and vibrating models, as well as couples c-rings.
  4. Prostate Toys: Prostate stimulators are great for giving that extra stimulation where you need it most. Perfect for going at it alone or to make sex with your partner even more titillating. Choose from gentle curves to large beads, and everything in between. Thrusting models are also available.
  5. Penis Enhancers and Extenders: Also known as penis sleeves, these toys allow you to switch up the size and shape of your penis on demand. You can increase girth and length, choose from various materials and textures and opt for a slide-on model or the strap-on sex toy variety.
  6. Couples Vibrators: Designed with extra-stimulating textures or gentle curves, couples vibrators can titillate the clitoris, shaft or anus.
  7. Anal Toys: In addition to our anal vibrators, choose from our selection of various other anal toys, including anal beads, probes and butt plugs.

For male enhancement, try a penis pump or a cock ring to enhance desire and stamina, the latter of which can provide either stretch for maximum comfort or a tighter fit for the best performance. Many come with vibrating functions to provide even more desire between you and your partner.

Opt for one of our sleeves or strokers for the most pleasurable sensations during masturbation, with our most popular strokers made to feel and look like the real thing. For anal play, choose from our collection of prostate massagers, including anal vibrators, dildos, plugs, probes and beads. Regardless of whether you’re new to men’s sex toys or a seasoned veteran, Cindie’s is the adult novelty store with a collection of male self-gratification toys that’s sure to deliver.

The Future of Men’s Sex Toys

In general, high-tech sex toys are a growing trend, men’s sex toys included. There’s even a word for the design and development of high-tech sex toys: teledildonics, with experts predicting that advanced sex toys will become increasingly more popular over the coming years. Although sex toy entrepreneurs struggled for funding in recent decades, anti-vice sentiments and squeamishness have given way to sex tech being viewed as an exciting investment opportunity.

A natural impetus for the popularity of high-tech sex toys has been the growing sexual wellness market that is expected to account for $123 billion by 2026, up from $39 million in 2017 and growing at a 30% rate. In other words, the future of men’s sex toys is looking bright, when you consider these futuristic advancements in men’s sexual pleasure:

Interactive Virtual Reality (VR) Portals

Gone are the days when men had to use their imagination for inspiration during masturbation or sex. Instead, you can now quickly and easily hook up an automated masturbator connected to an interactive portal, transporting both you and your penis to another dimension.

Compatible Devices

Some of the industry’s best self-pleasure devices are designed with both partners in mind, with couples-friendly sex toys ranging from the basics like couples vibrators to vibrating cock rings, to more high-tech toys that have Bluetooth connectivity, motion-sensing technologies, mobile app control, cam and live chat access, as well as a library of 2D and 3D VR porn videos. These devices make it possible to enjoy sexual experiences with a partner anywhere around the globe, as well as pre-programmed experiences.

Virtual Reality Gloves

These revolutionary sex gadgets harness electro-stimulation, motion sensors and other applied sciences to take male self-gratification to the newest level and allowing you to ‘feel’ your favorite partner or performer in real time. Combine use of the gloves with VR goggles and an automatic masturbation machine, and you’ve got the ultimate in futuristic male self-pleasure.

Full-Sized Sexbots

Features like self-warming orifices, skin-like materials, internal pulsations, texturized canals and full-body detailing have turned the old-fashioned sex doll into a sexbot that can learn whatever name you give her and even hold erotic conversations.