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History of Vibrators

Let’s begin with the briefest of histories about the beloved vibrator. Cleopatra is the first-known, proud owner of a phallic wooden vessel that could be filled with bees to produce vibrations for erotic pleasure. Who is responsible for designing and crafting this ancient sex toy—or filling it with bees, for that matter—is left up to the imagination. The takeaway, however, is clear: Creating vibrating toys for masturbation and mutual sex play has been around for centuries.

As far as history provides, it wasn’t until the 1800s that vibrators popped up again, as a remedy for female hysteria, a blanket phrase used to describe anything from anxiety attacks to schizophrenia. Yep. Doctors would use these vibrators on women in their office to stimulate the flushing of built-up fluid in the womb, what they believed to be the cause of this broad condition. Not much to say on how to keep that from escalating to awkward quickly, but at least the women of the world were widely introduced to the enduring benefits of the vibrator once again.

Vibrators have come a long way since Cleopatra made love to a buzzing, wooden shaft. Luckily today, there’s no need to put bees in your honey pot for erotic stimulation, as vibrators now come in every shape and size, as well as feature different speeds, pulse patterns and rotating components to add even more excitement and pleasure to your life.

Types of Vibrators

If variety is the spice of life, vibrators up the heat considerably. In fact, we’ve identified 13 different types of vibrators to choose from in our stores and on our site:

  • Classic Vibrators: The go-to sex toy for the vast majority of women, classic vibrators offer easy penetration with a range of intensities and pulsations to suit your mood.
  • Rabbit Vibrators: These dual-function toys provide a main shaft as well as a smaller extension for stimulating the clitoris.
  • Bullet and Egg Vibrators: These small, discreet toys really get the job done with a portability factor that makes it easy to slip them in your suitcase or purse for on-the-go stimulation.
  • Wand Massagers: Perfect for those who value discretion, these sex toys often resemble innocent back massagers, as well as provide some of the most intense vibes available.
  • Clitoral Vibrators: Perfect for women wanting to get right down to business, clit vibrators provide pinpoint vibrations or puffs of air to your clitoris, making for intense orgasms.
  • G-Spot Vibrators: Featuring gentle curves for easier stimulation of your G-spot, these toys are ideal for both solo enjoyment and foreplay. A must-have for any woman’s nightstand.
  • Realistic Vibrators: Simulated veins, ridges and bumps give these toys an authentic feel and feature advanced materials that warm up quickly with your body heat. Many come in thrusting or rotating models.
  • Finger Vibrators: Worn by you or your partner, it’s easy to provide intense stimulation where it’s needed most with this toy wrapped around your finger.
  • Butterfly Vibrators: Strap one of these fluttering toys over your vagina for foreplay or hands-free masturbation whenever the mood is right.
  • Anal Vibrators: Offering slim shafts and ridged or beaded textures, anal vibrators are designed for backdoor pleasure, able to stimulate a woman’s G-spot or a man’s prostate.
  • Vibrating Panties: Featuring a remote-controlled vibrator you can slip into a pouch in the panties, this toy allows you or your partner to add teasing waves of pleasure to your shared experience.
  • Couple’s Vibrators: These toys are designed with stimulating textures and gentle curves that can stimulate the clitoris, anus or shaft.

How to Choose a Vibrator

With so much variety to choose from when it comes to vibrators, choosing the right one for your stimulation needs isn’t always easy. Here are some considerations to ponder when seeking a vibrator that will bring you the most pleasure (and your partner, too!)

Regardless of which of our vibrators you choose, you’ll experience amazing sensations that will leave you satisfied, but always ready for more. We offer a wide selection of brands, including LELO, Satisfyer, California Dreaming, and Evolved just to name a few.

All of the vibrators sold on our website are made from the highest quality materials, including silicone, gel or plastic, and we offer waterproof vibrators that you can take into the bath or shower for safe stimulation and easy cleaning.

Vibration Modes

Although size and shape are a large part of the equation when choosing a vibrating toy, the intensity of vibration can also largely determine which toy will really work for you. Options include gentle buzzing, intense stimulation and everything in between, because what’s pleasurable to one may be uncomfortable to another. With this in mind, Cindie’s offers a vast array of vibrators, most with various vibration modes, as well as textures and pulse patterns for all levels of erotic pleasure.

Plug-In vs Battery Vibrators

Although the majority of vibrators use AA or AAA batteries, either replaceable or rechargeable, but there are also plug-in vibrators, with wand massagers being the most common type. Believe us, you’ll understand the need for extra juice if you ever have the pleasure of plugging one in. It’s easy enough to replace the batteries, but it’s no fun to get all ready for good vibes, only to find the batteries are drained. On the other hand, a plug-in vibrator won’t leave you high and dry—unless there’s no power source. Decisions, decisions!

Choosing the best vibrator(s) for you and your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you’ve narrowed down what you feel you really need, our diverse selection of vibrators will deliver. From authentic stimulation with a realistic vibrator to hands-free masturbation with a butterfly vibrator to on-the spot stimulation with a slip-on finger vibrator, Cindie’s has the best possible vibrator for you.