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Explore Passion & Pleasure with Cindie's Online Boutique

Craving the allure of sensual toys and lingerie but can't find a Cindie's store nearby? Dive into the ultimate convenience with Cindie's online! Enjoy the thrill of browsing our tantalizing collection from the comfort of your home. Plus, get free standard shipping on orders over $65...
Safety & Discretion Guaranteed
We understand that privacy is key in your intimate adventures. That's why we offer state-of-the-art encrypted checkout to safeguard your credit card details, along with discreet billing and packaging. With Cindie's, your secrets are kept safe, delivered right to your doorstep.

A Legacy of Intimate Delights
For 30 years, Cindie's has been the go-to haven for those seeking to spice up their love life. Our handpicked selection includes everything from seductive lingerie and sexy clothing to playful adult toys, party gifts, and sensual bath & shower products. Looking to explore your bolder side? Discover our range of BDSM & fetish gear – perfect for those ready to embrace their inner wild.

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Shopping Lingerie

At Cindie’s, we have a huge selection of sensual, erotic and sexy evening wear that will delight your senses, as well as your partner’s. Choose from embellished bodystockings, lace and satin Bustiers and Corsets , sweet babydolls, naughty costumes, tempting teddies, and much more. Wrapping your body in Cindie’s finest lingerie means discovering a whole new level of sexual inspiration and confidence!...
From exquisite panties and bustiers to titillating hosiery, our collection of lingerie has something to make any woman feel desired and gorgeous—and what woman doesn’t enjoy that? You can make your partner’s heart pound for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, or simply enjoy the feeling of knowing that you’re wearing crotchless panties or a lace teddy underneath your innocent, everyday business wear—for sexual inspiration any time of day!

We also carry a selection of men’s sexy wear, including satin boxers, package-enhancing shorts and mesh thongs. Whether dressing extra sexy for a special occasion or simply tantalizing your partner with a naughty costume, Cindie’s lingerie and adult novelty store has what you need to spruce up or add an element of fetishness to your sex life.


Choosing the best vibrator(s) for you and your partner doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you’ve narrowed down what you feel you really need, our diverse selection of vibrators will deliver. From authentic stimulation with a realistic vibrator to hands-free masturbation with a butterfly vibrator to on-the-spot stimulation with a slip-on finger vibrator, Cindie’s has the best possible vibrator for you...
Classic Vibrators: The go-to sex toy for the vast majority of women, classic vibrators offer easy penetration with a range of intensities and pulsations to suit your mood.

Rabbit Vibrators: These dual-function toys provide a main shaft as well as a smaller extension for stimulating the clitoris.

Bullet and Egg Vibrators: These small, discreet toys really get the job done with a portability factor that makes it easy to slip them in your suitcase or purse for on-the-go stimulation.

Wand Massagers: Perfect for those who value discretion, these sex toys often resemble innocent back massagers, as well as provide some of the most intense vibes available.

Clitoral Vibrators: Perfect for women wanting to get right down to business, clit vibrators provide pinpoint vibrations or puffs of air to your clitoris, making for intense orgasms.

G Spot Vibrators: Featuring gentle curves for easier stimulation of your G Spot, these toys are ideal for both solo enjoyment and foreplay. A must-have for any woman’s nightstand.

Realistic Vibrators: Simulated veins, ridges and bumps give these toys an authentic feel and feature advanced materials that warm up quickly with your body heat. Many come in thrusting or rotating models.

Finger Vibrators: Worn by you or your partner, it’s easy to provide intense stimulation where it’s needed most with this toy wrapped around your finger.

Butterfly Vibrators: Strap one of these fluttering toys over your vagina for foreplay or hands-free masturbation whenever the mood is right.

Anal Vibrators: Offering slim shafts and ridged or beaded textures, anal vibrators are designed for backdoor pleasure, able to stimulate a woman’s G-spot or a man’s prostate.

Vibrating Panties: Featuring a remote-controlled vibrator you can slip into a pouch in the panties, this toy allows you or your partner to add teasing waves of pleasure to your shared experience.

Couple’s Vibrators: These toys are designed with stimulating textures and gentle curves that can stimulate the clitoris, anus or shaft.

Mens Sex Toys

Whether you want to increase stamina with your partner or enhance masturbation, our collection of men’s sex toys is sure to provide the perfect stimulation for your needs...
Strokers: Tunnel-shaped and skin-textured, strokers are automated masturbators that slide over your erection and provide stimulations of sex, offering hands-free masturbation. Choose from vaginal, blowjob and anal simulation, as well as various materials and textures to take self-love to a whole new level.

Penis Pumps: These sex gadgets help you achieve the size both you and your partner desire. With each squeeze of the pump, you’ll swell with the power to perform.

Cock Rings: Available in various sizes and materials, cock rings fit snugly at the base of your erection to enhance sexual sensation for both you and your partner. Choose from beaded and vibrating models, as well as couples c-rings.

Prostate Toys: Prostate stimulators are great for giving that extra stimulation where you need it most. Perfect for going at it alone or to make sex with your partner even more titillating. Choose from gentle curves to large beads, and everything in between. Thrusting models are also available.

Penis Enhancers and Extenders: Also known as penis sleeves, these toys allow you to switch up the size and shape of your penis on demand. You can increase girth and length, choose from various materials and textures and opt for a slide-on model or the strap-on sex toy variety.

Couples Vibrators: Designed with extra-stimulating textures or gentle curves, couples vibrators can titillate the clitoris, shaft or anus.

Anal Toys: In addition to our anal vibrators, choose from our selection of various other anal toys, including anal beads, probes and butt plugs.

For male enhancement, try a penis pump or a cock ring to enhance desire and stamina, the latter of which can provide either stretch for maximum comfort or a tighter fit for the best performance. Many come with vibrating functions to provide even more desire between you and your partner.

Opt for one of our sleeves or strokers for the most pleasurable sensations during masturbation, with our most popular strokers made to feel and look like the real thing. For anal play, choose from our collection of prostate stimulators, including vibrating anal toys, plugs, probes and beads. Regardless of whether you’re new to men’s sex toys or a seasoned veteran, Cindie’s is the adult novelty store with a collection of male self-gratification toys that’s sure to deliver.

BDSM & Fetish

Sex toys, lingerie, and acting out fantasies are all popular ways to spice things up in the bedroom, but what about experimenting with the fine line between power, pleasure, and pain? At least 36% of Americans admit to trying BDSM in the bedroom as a way to enhance their sex life and take on new roles. It’s a sexual lifestyle where partners can act out on their desires...
The roles of BDSM work to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. It creates a sense of vulnerability that is sexually enlightening for many people. A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM encourages you to let go of sexual inhibitions. This way, you can strengthen your bond and create a new sense of intimacy. Giving up control to another can be liberating as well. With BDSM, it’s important to stay open-minded to new fantasies. There is also a great emphasis on physical and psychological stimulation.

Using a blindfold helps to achieve this and provides a better focus on new sensations. Many who engage in BDSM also take on role-playing scenarios in and out of the bedroom. Dildos are the most popular sex toy in America, but there are many other props and sex toys that can enhance the BDSM experience. This includes handcuffs, nipple clamps, collars, whips, and paddles. Blindfolds, gag balls, anal beads, and vibrators are other ideas.

You can also try BDSM-inspired outfits, in materials like leather and latex. Stilettos and traditional yet sexy lingerie can also enhance your new sex life.