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For Her

Shopping Lingerie

Although it’s what’s inside that really counts, some sexy lingerie on the outside never hurts!

From exquisite panties and corsets to titillating hosiery, our collection of lingerie has something to make any woman feel desired and gorgeous - and what woman doesn’t enjoy that? You can make your partner’s heart pound for a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, or simply enjoy the feeling of knowing that you’re wearing crotchless panties or a lacy teddy underneath your innocent, everyday business wear—for sexual inspiration any time of day!

At Cindie’s, we have a huge selection of sensual, erotic and sexy evening wear that will delight your senses, as well as your partner’s. Choose from embellished body stockings, lace and satin corsets, sweet baby dolls, naughty costumes, tempting teddies, and much more. Wrapping your body in Cindie’s finest lingerie means discovering a whole new level of sexual inspiration and confidence!

We also carry a selection of men’s sexy wear, including satin boxers, package-enhancing shorts and mesh thongs. Whether dressing extra sexy for a special occasion or simply tantalizing your partner with a naughty costume, Cindie’s lingerie and adult novelty store has what you need to spruce up or add an element of fetishness to your sex life.

Although undergarments are your basics, lingerie is an indulgence every woman deserves, whether you’re single or not! It’s amazing what a tiny piece of clothing made from sensual fabric can increase your desire and confidence in the bedroom, as well for an everyday sense of feeling beautiful on every level.

Types of Lingerie

Maybe you want to surprise your new spouse on your wedding night or simply want to feel sexy on every level, every day. Whatever your reason for shopping for sexy women’s wear, Cindie’s has a huge collection of all types and styles of of lingerie, including:

  • Garter Belts: Although they may appear complicated, garter belts are definitely a lingerie accessory that every woman should try at least once in her life. Our garter belts come with a lace bra or corset, as well as panties. Ideal for wearing under dresses and skirts, garter belts are also the perfect starter for those who are just dipping their toes in the water with lingerie.
  • Camisoles: Although functional and practical, camisoles don’t have to be boring. Choose from fully laced camisoles to all satin camis, and everything in between. Wear it under shirts at work or to tease your partner at night. A must-have for every woman’s lingerie wardrobe.
  • Matching Sets: It’s just as essential to have a few matching sets of ‘upscale’ undergarments as it is your everyday ones, for spontaneous hot date nights, whether you’re single or committed to a partner.
  • Corsets: Designed to reduce the size of your waist and hide unwanted bulges, corsets can enhance your figure by giving it definition. Wear one of our corsets as a top or cover with a sheer dress that hides the look just enough.
  • Bustiers: Although similar to a corset, a bustier focuses specifically on lifting your bust and rounding your breasts, with hook-and-eye closures that define your shape even further
  • Teddies: A fusion between a cami or bra and a panty, teddies come in 2-piece designs made from satin, lace, leather or lycra. Usually not padded, but good underwire support.
  • Negligees: Always a total knock-out, choose from our gorgeous negligees to provide a sexy, feather-light look that sits smoothly on your skin.
  • Nightgowns: The beauty of a night gown will never die, especially when it comes to our selection of classic satin nightgowns, sheer full-length nightgowns with matching sets underneath or a short, lacy nightgown for a special, sensual occasion.

However, it’s not always straightforward, which types of lingerie will best fit your figure. Here’s our mini guide for choosing the best lingerie for your body type.

Hourglass body type: Thought of stereotypically as a ‘36-24-36’ figure, an hourglass figure simply refers to a body type that is balanced in the bosom and hips, with a much smaller waist. Choose lingerie that gives even more oomph to this body type with teddies, corsets and garter belts. Other good choices for this figure include a thong with a lace bra or high-leg panty.

Triangle body type: Big hips are... well... big right now, which means that having hips wider than your shoulders is... well... hip right now! To balance this body type, choose a bustier to draw attention to your breasts or a lacy negligee fitting tight around the breasts and flowing down over the hips. In a pinch, a matching set with a ruffled bra and panty always enhances this body type.

Rectangle body type: An athletic figure is often characterized by gentle curves and a less defined waist. For this type of figure, it’s good to wear lingerie that cinches the waist, with corsets being one of the best choices. If you’re tall with this type of figure, a teddy or garter belt will accentuate your curves perfectly.

Inverted triangle body type: Characterized by broader shoulders than hips, this type of figure combines well with halter necks, and teddies work great for those with this body type and a bum that’s on the flatter side. Another great option is a matching cami set.

Round body type: For a rounded waist and an upper body that is wider than your hips, choose a negligee that hides waistline rolls and defines your bust line or a teddy, which sits well on this figure. Even a simple, satin lingerie gown is a beautiful choice for a round body type.

Each of us is unique and deserves attention and pampering, as well as a little indulgence here and there. Cindie’s collection of sexy lingerie made from high-quality, sensual fabrics can provide all of this and more. However, the most important thing is that you embrace your natural shape and accentuate it, making you feel gorgeous inside and out. Whether you want to simply give yourself a lift or you have a partner in mind, lingerie is a secret weapon for feeling sexy and confident wherever you go.