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Plus Size

Shopping Plus Size Lingerie

It can be frustrating for plus size women to find lingerie pieces that not only fit well, but also enhance their figure. This can leave curvy women feeling slighted when shopping mainstream retailers, who typically carry countless types and styles of sexy women’s wear - but only in standard sizes. Not only do plus size women get to see the shortage of sexy bedroom wear in plus sizes, they also get to see the countless options they would have if only they came in plus sizes.

If you can relate to the woes of a sexy plus size woman searching for lingerie to help her look even sexier, you’ve come to the right place. Cindie’s offers a wide selection of… write them down. The disparity between the number of lingerie pieces sold in standard sizes and the number sold in plus sizes stops here. If a lack of stylish, high-quality lingerie for plus size women is the problem, Cindie’s collection of plus size sexy wear is the best possible answer.

Our plus size collection features our newest plus size lingerie pieces to show off your curves, such as chemises, teddies, crotchless panties and babydolls. All of our plus size sexy wear is backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Note: Some items shown are fitted with standard sizes. Just click them to see the plus sizes available for each item.

Our collection of plus size lingerie varies widely in types and styles to provide women of all shapes and sizes with their dream lingerie pieces without a long, frustrating search. Rather than sizing exclusive, plus size lingerie should be curve-friendly and made with the same quality fabrics used for standard size lingerie. Although it can be difficult for brands to offer both standard and plus sizes of lingerie pieces that are made well and fit well, it’s high time plus size lingerie gets the attention plus size women deserve.

After all, it was only in the recent past that lingerie companies woke up to the idea that women who need a 38 band or larger, as well as a D cup or larger, might rather wear something other than a granny bra. Blogs and social media platforms have added to this awareness, with plus size women consumers able to talk directly to brands in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Finding the Best Fit

Lingerie demands a perfect fit, but you don’t have to have a love-hate relationship with it due to the stress and hassle involved in finding it. The most important thing is to find the pieces that best suit your body shape as well as its size.

We offer 2 main pieces of advice to consider when beginning your search for the perfect lingerie pieces for your figure:

  1. Breathe deeply and know that the size on the tag doesn’t define you. It’s just a reference number created by the brand, and you may even end up with lingerie pieces in different sizes, due to the variation between brands.
  2. Start with the basics. Whether you’re reinventing or expanding your lingerie collection or just dipping your toes into the water in shopping for plus size lingerie, begin with pieces that are outside of your comfort zone, such as a new color or fabric for a matching bra and panty set. Then, you can expand your collection with sexy sleepwear or a garter belt and continue to add pieces as you incorporate more lingerie into your life.

Remember to take it slow and explore the types and styles of lingerie that feel the best to you. Play up your curves with plunging necklines that accentuate your breasts or show off decorative underwear, or you can go with a babydoll dress, corset, romper or waist cinchers to add more coverage but still make you feel sexy.

Plus Size Lingerie: A Shopping Guide

An estimated 65 percent of women wear above a size 14, the minimum cut-off for plus size clothing. However, there are fewer options for plus size women looking for “intimate apparel” than for women who fall into standard sizes. In addition, there is a substantial lack of fashion and beauty guidance for curvy women, both online and in magazines. The little attention given to plus size women is often geared toward how to make them look slimmer, rather than celebrate their curves.

There are actually as many types of lingerie available in plus sizes as there are in standard sizes, with no type or style being off limits for plus size women in general. Over anything else, prioritize how you feel in different types of plus size sexy wear when beginning your search for the best lingerie.

Also, in the beginning, don’t allow the size or shape of your body to dictate which types you try. You may be surprised that a naughty costume makes you feel just as sexy as a sheer baby doll or that a teddy is the perfect lingerie piece to accentuate your curves. No matter what you discover about plus size lingerie and your figure, go with what makes you feel the sexiest and most confident.

  1. Plus Size Teddy: Can be crafted from solid, soft fabrics providing complete coverage or sheer or lacy fabrics that show a little more skin, depending on how much you want to leave up to the imagination
  2. Plus Size Babydoll: Loose-fitting below the bust and falling just over the hips, this type of lingerie fits tightly around your breasts for the support most plus size women need.
  3. Plus Size Chemise: Although similar to a babydoll, a chemise offers subtle differences that can greatly affect your choice when opting between the two. While a babydoll flows gently over the hips, a chemise is form-fitting around the hips and can fall at the tops of your hips to anywhere on your thighs.
  4. Plus Size Matching Sets: One of the most popular styles in lingerie, matching bra and panty sets can make you feel beautiful and sexy no matter where you are.
  5. BBW Lingerie: A new acronym for plus size women, BBW stands for big, beautiful women and is a good phrase to add to your online searches when shopping for plus size lingerie pieces.
  6. Plus Size Crotchless Lingerie: Crotchless lingerie is gaining popularity, especially for curvy women. It offers sexiness and class with a little scandal and naughtiness. Step out of your comfort zone with our collection of crotchless plus size lingerie.